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Contera Parks

Industrial parks in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Under the Contera Park brand, you will find a network of projects located in prime locations with A-class logistics and manufacturing buildings leased by leading global and regional companies.

Attractive locations

We carefully select locations for our parks ensuring they are strategically located with good accessibility and close to city centers.

Modern and flexible buildings

Our buildings are built to the highest market standards and designed to accommodate warehousing and/or production activities.

Environmentally friendly

Our buildings are certified BREEAM Very good. An essential role in our environmental focus is the revitalisation of brownfields. 


Built-to-suit solutions

We also offer built-to-suit solutions to our clients where the premises are designed and delivered according to the client's specific requirements.

All–inclusive business model

  1. Defining the client’s requirements

  2. Finding a suitable location

  3. Securing all necessary permits

  4. Project design

  5. Construction

  6. Building management

In the preparation of projects, we collaborate wit hlong-term partners. These partners include top- notch architects, designers, mechanical engineers, and construction companies. Our employees oversee the coordination of work across project management, design, sales, and asset management departments.  


"We are pleased that Sportisimo has chosen Contera Park Ostrava D1 for its new central warehouse. Contera has delivered a modern bespoke facility that will allow us to efficiently store and manage our products for years to come."

"We are pleased that our common interest in the growth of our companies has resulted in the conclusion of an agreement to expand the premises in Contera Park Rychnov near Jablonec nad Nisou, where Inteva has concentrated its production."

"FAST PLUS has had a central electronics wholesale warehouse and offices in Contera Park Bratislava since 2020, when Contera started operating in Slovakia. The fact that we have once again relied on this company when looking for new premises serves as proof that we are absolutely satisfied with Contera. Our new, larger, more modern and efficient premises with all the technical conveniences will be in Contera Park in Žiar nad Hronom, where we will be the main lessee."

"We have been in Contera Park Říčany since summer 2019. Coming up with a suitable solution for our non-standard products was not easy. In the end, we managed to find a workable warehouse layout with Contera's technical team and, after 3.5 years of daily operation, we are fully satisfied. We are pleased that Contera has allowed us to develop our company on modern premises and is always helpful in solving problems."

"We are pleased that Contera was able to respond promptly to the needs of our growth in the region and expanded our existing 12,500 m2 logistics terminal in Contera Business Park in Ostrava-Kunčičky in record time with additional space of 12,500 m2 in Contera Park Ostrava D1. The new location is strategic for us because of its connection to local transport infrastructure and accessibility for employees. I believe that our cooperation will not cease with this project and we will expand together in other regions."