Contera was founded in 2009 by experts in the field of development, project, and construction management.

After a decade of existence, Contera built and manage a portfolio over 500 000 sqm of commercial properties with a total value exceeding 560 mil. EUR.

Contera cooperate with leading Czech architects and engineers. A significant part of our projects are built on reclaimed brownfields. Our goal is always a perfect result. We are able to build high quality projects that meet client’s needs.

A significant part of our projects are reclaimed brownfields. Our expertise and know‑how in this field represent our brand and name on the market.

History of


Project development

Contera has a proven track record in the development, construction and financing of real estate projects, based on an experienced team as well as collaborating with renamed architects, engineers and contractors.

Our core business is the development of industrial parks, but we are increasingly expanding our activities in to other areas. We have experience in the development of office, commercial, residential and mixed-use projects, and we are continuously growing in these areas.

Our goal is to build properties that contribute to the development of our cities meeting the highest standards and are environmentally friendly.

Reference projects

Asset management

We are not only a developer but also asset and property managers of our parks. Our aim is to provide the best working environment for our clients and constantly improve the quality of our properties.