In its business, Contera focuses on sustainability and innovation. We build our industrial parks to last for generations. The architects design the halls to satisfy the clients’ requirements, to ensure that they are employee-friendly and pleasant to the eye of passers-by. Landscape architects shape the exterior of the parks with an extraordinary expanse of vegetation to create a pleasant environment for our clients, their employees and visitors to the park. This is all reflected by the green circle in our logo. The interruption of the circle in two places indicates openness, motion and the dynamic of life, relationships and communication. 



We Support Life
in Regions

Contera helps the development of regions which it operates in. We create job opportunities so the local residents, including school and university graduates, do not have to commute long distances to work or move away. Together we reduce depopulation which is typical in some regions and help the quality of life in regions to grow. But it is not only economic development which interests us. We support cultural and community life in the places where we work, because social aspects matter to us too.



We Restore Life to Abandoned Places

Contera specialises in reviving dilapidated industrial sites, known as brownfields, where regular activities have ceased. Besides modern buildings, we also bring genuine life to such places, and not only working life. The harmony of Contera Parks with the surrounding environment is something we take seriously. We develop environmentally friendly forms of transport, and we want our premises to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, with green areas and full-grown trees which become the foundation of a natural ecosystem. We are glad that new employees bring life to our sites.



Top-Quality Cooperation for Life

Our clients breathe life into Contera Parks, so working together with them is vital to us. Our aim is not the biggest possible financial gain from a single opportunity. For us, the biggest gain is a functioning and long-lasting partnership. We invest in relationships with our clients with the aim of keeping them for life.



We Are More than a Number,
We Are Living Beings

Success in business is generally measured in numbers, and everything is converted into money. But a successful company is built on people and their personal stories. At Contera, we value relationships and collaboration with people, because they have a worth for us that cannot be measured or expressed as a number.



for a Lifetime

Building relationships and mutual trust does not happen over a matter of days or months. It is a long-distance race. For Contera, it is important that our employees feel at home. That they can work in a friendly or even a family atmosphere, and that a job at Contera is a dream job to last for a lifetime.



We Build Parks
for a Pleasant Life

Forget about the grey surfaces of roads and halls. Contera designs its parks so that their beauty catches the eye at a first glance. Contera Parks go beyond the norm. What matters most to us are the wishes of our clients and the needs of their employees. We want to provide them with a pleasant environment and comfort at their work.